As I have said recently I joined the gym and started to go for a classes. It was really nice to visit that place after more than 5 years not being there. The training was very intense. It was called Pure Dance and it was African style dance. I had to really move my body and bump. Loved it a lot! Every move was about being sexy and being more comfortable. Turning, jumping, moving, running and dancing was amazing. Sweating like a pig but lasted till the end. I have drunk lots of water which is very difficult for me in every day style but I work on it as well. I am actually trying to drink as much water as I can.
I will definetly come back there. It is such a good feeling when you have done something good for your body and for your health! I felt stronger and full of energy! I couldnt even go to bed that evening because my energy was ready to explode. I understand that it is difficult to motivate yourself but it is worth every single effort. After one time being in the gym I feel much better and much more comfortable. I belive I can fly! My food regime changed and life energy is completely different as well. Next classes are on Tuesday in the evening. This time Pure Combat is waiting for me and I will definetly write down few words about it as well.
I will keep the fingers crossed for all of you who is planning to change their lifestyle  for healthier and with a hint of sport. I wish you all good luck and lots of strength to keep doing it!



Didn’t write for a while because I was on holidays and unfortunately the Internet was like a medicine there… so I didn’t have it at all. But it was a good time for me to have a rest and think about few things.

Coming back to London full of calories and crap food I realised that this is an amazing time to have a new start in my life. To change my life for healthy style. I am a smoker so need to stop that or at least make it less. My food regime is not bad but I have moments when I eat very bad things. So from now on I am going to change my life and my family life completely. New me and a healthy life style. I am not an exercise person so from now on I will do exercises twice a week. I still will be writing about beauty products and brands but let’s make my blog beautiful not only from make up side but also lifestyle. 

So a new start has arrived keep fingers crossed because I am going to share with you my food ideas as well. 


This is actually the product which I was looking for ages….
SU-MAN rehydrating toning essence is just brilliant. The toner has green tea, rose petal, hyaluronic acid and honey. Love it so much for making my skin just amazing. It gives me moisture, plumping my skin, refreshing and preparing the skin for make up.
The toner has a lovely light tuxture which is just like a waterfall for me.
If you need some very good treatment for your skin you you should really try Su-man.
Available at Urban Retreat in Harrods and Selfridges. The price is £37.



OMG! That was the best ever facial I have ever had in my life!!!
Let’s just start from the bigining…
Recently I had a great pleasure to have a facial done. I thought that this is an amazing idea and my skin really needs it as well.
After 5 minutes from starting point I felt like in heaven. The facial was amazing! Loved every single bit of it. It was a whole body facial… face, back, neck, legs and hands. That was really good experience which is worth every single penny.
SU-MAN the name of the skincare brand. Beautiful, simple, relaxing. Loved cleansing products, face polish, toner, mask, serum, face cream and eye cream.
This lovely range contains hyaluronic acid and dragon blood extract. The ingredients which prevent ageing. My face after this facial was so soft, healthy smooth and glowy.
If you have a chance to try the products do it! You will love it.  You can notice difference almost straight away.
All the Su-man products you can find at Urban Retreat in Harrods and in Selfridges.



If you love using eyeliner this product is definitely just perfect for you! Surrat eyeliner is just amazing. Define the line and make it looking just perfect with the lovely flick.
The colour is just perfect dark black which is important when you are doing smokey eyes.
Personaly I love the tip.
Surrat eyeliner doesn’t smudge, dries very quick and lasts really long time.
The best thing is that you don’t have to buy a new eyeliner everytime because it has refill so you just need the new refill not the whole pen.
Available at Urban Retreat in Harrods and Liberty.



ORGANIC•FREE OF PARABENS & SULFATES•100% NATURAL•VEGAN•GLUTEN FREE (Took that from Rahua website, because it sounds so good).
Does it ring the bell??? Nowadays when the word is poison, when most meat is on hormones and antibiotics and most of the products is toxic is nice to find something organic and luxury at the same time.
I had a pleasure to try the Voluminous Spray on my hair. This product is 100% natural. Just brilliant for your hair.
You use it on wet hair and then starting your blow and dry. Your hair has much more wolume and it looks beautiful.
So if you have a party, wedding or you just going out it is worth of trying.
Rahua products you can find at Urban Retreat in Harrods on the fifth floor.



That was definitely an amazing experience with Aerin event at Urban Retreat in Harrods. There were flowers, make up, perfumes all around and happy clients.  Aerin collection of perfumes is lovely. Especially if today is national perfume day. So every women should treat herself with the beautiful bottle of her dream perfumes.
Aerin is Estee Lauder’s granddaughter. Her collection of perfumes is very flowery, fresh, soft and sophisticated.
You will definitely find something for summer and winter time and also for day or evening.
The collection has got also body creams which mixed with the perfumes makes the scent last two times longer.
So please buying the bottle of fragrance do not forget to add a body cream or lotion.
I am pretty sure that everyone will find something nice from Aerin. Lip balms are amazing and very moisturising. Little sets of make up will make busy women’s life much easier.
So come and have a look… have a smell actually…



Ohhhh yes haven’t been here for ages. Some of my friend asked what’s the reason???
Well luck of time, sickness, holidays… motherhood… so many things.
But you could check few updates on Instagram on eveline.beauty.life.
Anyway I am so happy to be back. To write again about different products.
Today is a really special day for me as a mum. It’s Mothers Day in UK.
So it’s a good day to look good. I use my favourite make up and perfumes.
Have a look at the pictures.
Enjoy mothers day today.