My normal regime at the gym is 2 times a week. I do not know how to use the machine, I just don’t know how to exercise. I haven’t done it for ages so my body is a bit sleepy and also when I look at this machines I really do not know where is front and back. Most of you probably laughing right now but maybe some day I will know what to do.
At the moment I am just going for the classes. So dance, fitness, aerobic, jumping, kicking and punching.
Last time I had a classes from Pure Combat and at some point I thought I am gonna vomit! Quick music something similar to techno. The trainer – OMG – she must have worked in some kind of army!!! She gave me a hard time. Everything was quick, everything looked like we are boxing, kicking and fighting. After half an hour I was more than sure that I would leave. But I stayed and I didn’t regret it. My whole body was aching after that for the next few days. I was suffering and in pain but it was really good. Definitely will do it again…



​I will be completely honest with you. I know that brand for quite a long time but never had a time to write about it or just wanted the post to be perfect because it is one of my favourite brands and I really felt in love with the products. Anyway this post is also dedicate to my dear friend from work who loves Omorovicza a lot. 
So today is a day and I am going to nicely surprise her.
I have made some research and found out few interesting things about the brand.
The Omorovicza story starts actually around 2000 years ago when the thermal waters from Hungary have been discovered. Hungary is well known from thermal waters which have lots of minerals and they are much more better and healthier than in any other place. This waters help with heeling and make the skin nice and soft. Because of the huge amount of the minerals they help with general health as well which is just amazing. The unique combination of minerals found in this waters has a remarkable anti-ageing benefits.
Why is that? – some of you might ask.
Because the crust of the earth is thinner in Hungary than elsewhere so waters absorb beneficial minerals more effectively.
So in 1800 the Omorovicza Family built the amazing and beautiful Racz spa in Budapest  and this is the time when the proper story starts. The spa was successfully running and was just amazing. Two hundred years later Stephen took his future wife Margaret to have a bath in the spa because she has never been in this place before. Margaret was just amazed with the condition of her skin after the bath in thermal waters. She enjoyed it a lot and the effect was just perfect.
After the beautiful transformation they found the Nobel-Prize Laboratory to change this magic water in to the skincare range. Margaret and Stephen wanted actually close the revitalising effects of these healing waters to vim and vigour to the skin and reveal new beauty.
They have spent time to discover different cultures and traditions to helps them understand women and also men needs and develop innovative and exciting products and rituals.
The products – I must admit – are just amazing! They are good for sensitive skin for problematic skin and for normal skin. Personally it is one of my favourite brands. Love the tuxture and the smell. Love the feel on my skin.
I have a few favourite products from Omorovicza which I can not live without them. First one is the Thermal Cleansing Balm. Which has a specific black colour but it is amazing to remove eye make up and face make up. You just need to use a wet cloth to remove it. Easy to use, soft and lovely product. 
Another one is the Illuminating Moisturiser which is amazing under the make up. Makes your skin smooth and glowy and makes the foundation looks better and last longer. The smell is lovely and love the light texture on my face.
I love the blue diamond concentrate. This beautiful serum makes the skin plum and fights effectively with visible signs of ageing. Very lovely light texture makes me feel really special. Love it a lot and I would recommend that serum to everyone. Well, almost everyone.
The next product from my favourites it the Queen of Hungary mist. It is a lovely water to refresh your make up or just your skin. It gives you glow and radiance. Smells amazing. Very fresh and cooling mist. I have few more lovely products which are definitely on my list to write about them but in this post is really wanted to concentrate mostly on the Omorovicza brand because it is worth it to know a bit more about that particular brand.
On the end very important thing is that the Omorovicza products don’t contain any parabens, petrochemicals, pegs, silicon, sodium laureate, sulfate, synthetic colours and synthetic fragrance . So they are definitely very healthy for your skin.
If you would like to try a good quality products and very natural ones then Omorovicza is definitely a right brand for you. Your skin will love it and at the same time you are going to love it as well. The results are visible very quickly. I have noticed a big difference on my skin after few days from when I started to use a beautiful blue diamond serum. 



Being at home for the last few days made me think about being beautiful a bit more.  There are different types of beauty.

Could be beautiful hart which makes people to be good and helpful for others.
Could be beautiful body which shows how hard they work at the gym.
Could be beautiful mind which makes them to have a pure thoughts.
Could be beautiful face with healthy skin with glow and radiance.
But what about beautiful inside??? What about our liver, stomach, guts??? What can we do to make it healthy and beautiful???
There is so many things to make us beautiful inside but healthy eating is the most important. So I had a bit of time to discover a lovely blog which is in Polish and that girl is just crazy healthy. I found the recipe  for a brilliant bread. Personally I am a big fun of breads. Love them so much that sometimes I think I wouldn’t be able to live without one.

WWW.MAJLAA.PL shared with the readers her recipe.

150g kidney nuts
115g sunflower seeds
115g pumpkin seeds
25g flax seeds
30g almonds
25g raisins
40g dry plums
4 eggs
2 teaspoons of salt

You can choose any ingredients you would like you can change them as well for different ones. You can use peanuts, figs,dry fruits… anything what you like. The only condition is that the total weight of the all ingredients together has to be 500g.

The way to prepare it:
This is actually the easiest bread I have ever made in my life.
The eggs you need to beat until little white bubbles appear. All other ingredients you need to mix together and if some of them are to big you need to crash them to make it smaller.
Don’t forget to add some salt and then you need to pour it on the special baking form with the baking paper.
You should bake it an hour in 160 degrees and then wait until cool.
This bread is just brilliant. It is a lovely snack if you need to munchkin something but also a lovely peace of something nice to make a sandwich. Lovely idea is to use it with cheese and greapes.
So you all enjoy I am going to bake another one tomorrow.