A bit of play with the pumpkin. Cutting them out and making them almost scary 😉, together with my daughter.

Hope you all like the final effect. We made a stupid pumpkin with the flower on the side. 

Anyway, enjoy your Halloween and don’t forget to cut one pumpkin. If you would like to show yours just add the picture in the comment. 




We are in October time, the time when it’s closer to Christmas but not too close and the time when is definitely closer to Halloween. Even the weather changed. The leafs on the trees changed the colors from green to red, yellow, brown and orange. That means that autumn is here. For me that means – Halloween makeup.
Ohhhh yes!!! With this kind of make up you can go completely crazy especially if you have a knowledge in special effects in make up. Unfortunately I will not go so far with it. For me is more Halloween – glamour make up.
Halloween is a very dark and scary time in the year. But it is also pumpkin time. Making funny faces from it and making a pumpkin soup.
But let’s not go too far and just stay with the makeup. The Halloween makeup is very characteristic because of the very dark eyes, spiders web, blood, sculls and scary faces. You can use contact lenses to make the make up looking more real, eyelashes are crazy popular during this time of the year as well.
I think it is a very interesting makeup style which we supposed to try at least once in our life.
Here is only small example of the Halloween makeup. It is kind of vampire style with smokey black eyes and red shadows around the black. More glamour than scary but still good for Halloween. If you would like to make it even more scary and terrifying you can add black lips instead of bloody red.
Enjoy this year Halloween Party, because you can be whoever you would like to be. <3<3<3


My normal regime at the gym is 2 times a week. I do not know how to use the machine, I just don’t know how to exercise. I haven’t done it for ages so my body is a bit sleepy and also when I look at this machines I really do not know where is front and back. Most of you probably laughing right now but maybe some day I will know what to do.
At the moment I am just going for the classes. So dance, fitness, aerobic, jumping, kicking and punching.
Last time I had a classes from Pure Combat and at some point I thought I am gonna vomit! Quick music something similar to techno. The trainer – OMG – she must have worked in some kind of army!!! She gave me a hard time. Everything was quick, everything looked like we are boxing, kicking and fighting. After half an hour I was more than sure that I would leave. But I stayed and I didn’t regret it. My whole body was aching after that for the next few days. I was suffering and in pain but it was really good. Definitely will do it again…



That was amazing experience and I would say an amazing make up. I really did it from the bottom of my heart. Loved every single moment with this lady. She was so lovely.

I think she looks like a movie star.
Let’s just start from the beginning. Classic, glamour make up is one of the easiest (for me) soft eyes, beautiful black eyeliner, glowy face and hot red lips.
At the beginning remember to cleans the face and use moisturiser. Then I always do the eyes first because as a artist soul I can be sometimes messy. I use Surratt concealer number 3 as a base and then I use Laura Mercier dusk eyeshadow and Chantacaille almond eyeshadow. Quick and easy. As a darker shade on the eage of the eyes I used Laura Mercier celestial eyeshadow.
The next step eyeliner. Perfect eyeliner! If you want it to be perfect use dark eyeshadows first to draw the line and then proper liquid eyeliner on top of the eyeshadow line. Then you will be sure that is perfect and you will not make any mistakes. I know that eyeliner is not the easiest one but practice makes perfect and on the end of the day the more you practice the better results you will achieve.
The next step was mascara. In this case my first choice was Chantacaille supreme clis because it makes lashes long and thick. This lovely product contains also serum which helps to grow lashes and it’s waterproof as well. So if you have a night out you should use it.
The face was very easy to do because the lady didn’t have any imperfections at all. I use secret camouflage concealer nb 3 from Laura Mercier to cover little shadows under the eyes and a bit of redness around the nose and then I applied La Prairie foundation nb 200.
We did some counturing and highlighting on her face to brings the cheek bones out and make the skin more glowy and fresher. I love blush so I also appied it on the lady’s apple cheek.
I finished of her eyebrow with eyeko brow powder and I use secret brightening powder under the eyes to brights up and set up the concealer and then translucent powder from Laura Mercier to set up the whole make up.
The last step was beautiful red lipstick. Always use a lip liner around the lips and then apply lipstick especially for the red colours. The lip liner stops lipstick from bleeding around the lips and also if you use it all over the lips underneath the lipstick it makes the lips look better with longer effect of the proper red.
The best words from the lady on the end “you made me look so glamour that I can not stop looking at myself, thank you” 


Probably most of you know what snapchat is. It is rather funny aplication to take funny pictures. You can be a frog, doggy, pirate or butterfly princess. You also can have a good laugh with your friends while taking pictures.

The snapchat hit me as well. I downloaded it and started a little play. I am not going to spend hours using the aplication but definitely I am going to enjoy using it.
This is one of my first pictures from Snapchat. We need a bit of fun in our life so I become a butterfly princess for just one camera shot.