Few weeks ago I had a lovely pleasure to be a little experimental rabbit for one of the juniors at my work place. He asked me to do blow dry my hair because he needed to practice. Well I agreed, why not? I thought. He washed my hair first and he added some treatment on it. Which was lovely. What can I say, it was nice moment when I do not have to do anything. Unfortunately I do not get often that kind of moments… 

But let’s come back to the topic! So after wash and conditioning and treatment I was sitting on the chair looking in the mirror and waiting what this lovely junior is going to do with my hair. He brushed my hair with tangle teezers brush and then his teacher came to explain him how to share hair to the different parts to make it easier to blow dry. OK I thought it is not difficult easy peasy. But after a moment I noticed it is not so easy anymore. Especially because of my hair which is very soft and smooth and after wash it’s going everywhere where shouldn’t really go…
I wish you good luck my friend I thought.  But keep moving! He took a brush and hair dryer and started the blow dry. First of all he was to harsh but after telling him about it he was gentle. For a moment I was afraid that he will tear most of my hair. But lucky me I was OK.  Later I could hear teachers words:
“You need to pull the hair up”
” you need to make it higher”
“Rember to hold it nice and gentle”
” use bigger brush”
“Yes that’s good”
So after that I realised that the hairdressers job it is not easy at all. They need strength in their hands like a superhero. They need to pay more attention to not to burn the clients hair. They need patient. They need to have some imagination how to mange the hair.
For someone who never done blow dry in his life it looks easy.  That happened to me. Sometimes when I look at the hairdressers I think it’s easy. Looks easy! But it is not easy at all! They have so much practice and experience that for us people it doesn’t look  complicated at all.
So after 45 minutes blow dry my hair I was sitting with the rollers all over my head. Lovely look almost like an unidentified flying object. Hmmm great I thought… everyone loves me now! Looked strange. Lucky me that I was sitting somewhere in the corner when no one could see me. Had to stay like that until the rollers cool down. My junior hairdresser spray some hair spray on me and started to remove the rollers. Final effect was lovely. I did like it. My hair was smoother and had a bit of wave on the end. Also more volume which I really needed.
People who never worked with the hairdressers don’t know that it is a hard job. It is not easy to mange the hair. It’s not easy to give them more volume. It’s not easy to make them curly and definitely it is not easy to take a hair dryer and a brush and blow dry hair with the arms and hands up!
So next time when you have hairdresser appointment please respect them, be nice and remember they do everything for you to make you feel better because better hair day definitely help us to be in the better mood. 


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