As I have said recently I joined the gym and started to go for a classes. It was really nice to visit that place after more than 5 years not being there. The training was very intense. It was called Pure Dance and it was African style dance. I had to really move my body and bump. Loved it a lot! Every move was about being sexy and being more comfortable. Turning, jumping, moving, running and dancing was amazing. Sweating like a pig but lasted till the end. I have drunk lots of water which is very difficult for me in every day style but I work on it as well. I am actually trying to drink as much water as I can.
I will definetly come back there. It is such a good feeling when you have done something good for your body and for your health! I felt stronger and full of energy! I couldnt even go to bed that evening because my energy was ready to explode. I understand that it is difficult to motivate yourself but it is worth every single effort. After one time being in the gym I feel much better and much more comfortable. I belive I can fly! My food regime changed and life energy is completely different as well. Next classes are on Tuesday in the evening. This time Pure Combat is waiting for me and I will definetly write down few words about it as well.
I will keep the fingers crossed for all of you who is planning to change their lifestyle  for healthier and with a hint of sport. I wish you all good luck and lots of strength to keep doing it!


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