Recently I have noticed that my skin seams to be a bit dehydrated. Lack of water, quick life style, little toddler at home, pollution and many more makes my skin a bit dry. I am getting older as well and the age change the condition of the skin. All the dryness can be caused by to much of the sun or winter air. 
Just to let you know that when the skin is dry it is not a good sign. When it’s oily it doesn’t help us as well. The best of course is the normal skin but only small percentage of us is lucky enough to have one. It’s really rare to have a normal skin especially with the environment and pollution. Dirty air, chemicals, sun, not healthy life style, toxic food… all of this effect badly our skin. For most of us the first sign of unhealthy skin is dullness, lack of glow and dryness.
But please do not worry, we can still fix it. It will not be pernament if you start slowly repair your problem. I am not saying we will stop ageing but at least we can start to prevent ageing process.  If you leave it for later then belive me you are in trouble!

I know that you will tell me that condition of the skin depends on genes. Yes! Partly it is true! But it also depends on the way how we take care of our skin. If in your family are good genes then the visible ageing process will appear later. It doesn’t mean that you are not getting older. I would say that it is always better to prevent instead of being 40 and think about plastic surgery  which will cost you much more money than the skin care products  and it’s painful as well.

I know also that all of us has different skin type. Some has dry or oily or combination skin. That is why I would love to introduce you to a lovely product which you can use by itself or mix it with other products and works out on all skin types.
The renewal oil from La Mer is just amazing for all of us. It has miracle broth and sunflower oil which helps to moisturising our skin. Just to let you know that this is a dry oil so it is not greasy and you can use it even under the make up.
If you have a sensitive skin do not worry as well it is definitely the right product for you. It provides deep nourish without being heavy and like I said earlier it’s suitable for all skin types.
Yes! It is an expensive product! But because it’s an oil you use only small amount of it. 2 to 3 drops it’s perfectly fine for your face. It helps a lot. Remember that if you do not want to use it for the day you can always add it to your night time skin care regime. That way your skin rests and takes the most what we will give her.

So if you would like to stop having a dry skin start to use something. I highly recommend this product because my skin is also sensitive and it made it looking really good. 


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