Being at home for the last few days made me think about being beautiful a bit more.  There are different types of beauty.

Could be beautiful hart which makes people to be good and helpful for others.
Could be beautiful body which shows how hard they work at the gym.
Could be beautiful mind which makes them to have a pure thoughts.
Could be beautiful face with healthy skin with glow and radiance.
But what about beautiful inside??? What about our liver, stomach, guts??? What can we do to make it healthy and beautiful???
There is so many things to make us beautiful inside but healthy eating is the most important. So I had a bit of time to discover a lovely blog which is in Polish and that girl is just crazy healthy. I found the recipe  for a brilliant bread. Personally I am a big fun of breads. Love them so much that sometimes I think I wouldn’t be able to live without one.

WWW.MAJLAA.PL shared with the readers her recipe.

150g kidney nuts
115g sunflower seeds
115g pumpkin seeds
25g flax seeds
30g almonds
25g raisins
40g dry plums
4 eggs
2 teaspoons of salt

You can choose any ingredients you would like you can change them as well for different ones. You can use peanuts, figs,dry fruits… anything what you like. The only condition is that the total weight of the all ingredients together has to be 500g.

The way to prepare it:
This is actually the easiest bread I have ever made in my life.
The eggs you need to beat until little white bubbles appear. All other ingredients you need to mix together and if some of them are to big you need to crash them to make it smaller.
Don’t forget to add some salt and then you need to pour it on the special baking form with the baking paper.
You should bake it an hour in 160 degrees and then wait until cool.
This bread is just brilliant. It is a lovely snack if you need to munchkin something but also a lovely peace of something nice to make a sandwich. Lovely idea is to use it with cheese and greapes.
So you all enjoy I am going to bake another one tomorrow.


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