I am sure that most of us would love to have a beautiful, colorful nail without doing acrilic or gel on our own nails. I had a good look around and found something what might be a really good solution. I called it a magic machine! Yes it makes a bit of magic on the nails…
At Urban Retreat in Harrods we can find a strange black box which looks like an old fashion camera, but actually it is a very new, modern and useful machine.
With this “little” beauty you can make your own design of the nails. You pick up the shape, disign, colour and then using special Base coat on the fake white nails and printing!!!
Easy peasy lemon squizy!!!
The ART PRO NAILS is a lovely, easy and quick way to have funky nails. When you have your prints out of the machine you just need to apply a special top coat and then take them home and use it onto your own nails. You can use a special stickers or glue which you can both find in the ready made packaging.
If you want you can add also some sparkly butterflies  or stars or other diamonds on top of your piece if art.

I think that kind of nails is an amazing solution for going out, wedding, birthday or just very funky night out.
You can easily apply them at home, you do not need beautician to help you. You just stick it and all is done.

Personally I love the idea of that kind of nails. For me it’s quick and easy especially when you have a child and you do not have much time. I love the disign.  You can find really amazing patterns there. You have a freedom to pick up the design. You know how it will look like since beginning.
Now you have a question.  How long it’s last??? For me not long. But I am a busy housewife as well so with all my homework – not long unfortunately. I do love to use them for special occasions.

If you have a question just ask. I will def6come back with the answer. Any comments??? Do you like the idea of the nails??? Do you think you could wear it???


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