I don’t know if you all heard about Su-man skin care, but I will make sure that you all would know after reading my post.

Su-man is one of my favourite skin care products. Very easy to use and really effective. You can see the results very quickly and to be honest is the best MOT programme for you.

Let’s start from the bigining.  Su-man is a very experienced fatalistic and skincare expert.  She knows how to make your skin clean, healthy, refresh and beautiful.
The range of the products is just amazing. All products are anti-ageing and made for all skin types and all of them works together to give you glow, radiance and energy.
In the range we have:
1. Purifying cleansing gel-oil
2. Exfoliating facial polish
3. Velvet skin brightening serum
4. Awakening eye uplift
5. Velvet skin moisturising cream.
All of the Su-man products contain a very natural ingredients with an extract of the dragon’s blood tree and rosehip oil.

Let’s have a look now on every product separately. Starting from cleansing the purifying cleansing gel-oil is just a brilliant forster step in your skin care regime. This gel deeply cleans and refine skin. Make it looking more healthy and glow. You can definitely use it every day – two times a day.
The next step in our cleansing regime is exfoliating facial polish. This lovely thing contains lily extract, coffee, camu camu, dragon’s blood extract. Love the smell and tuxture. It gives instant radiance to tired skin and removes the dead skin from face.
After deep deep cleans we need to refresh our face with the rehydrating toning essence. This lovely product gives the skin energy and refresh it. The toner contains hyaluronic acid, green tea, rose petal so it is just perfect for ageing skin. It is hydrating and plumping as well.
After cleansing it is always good time to use serum on our skin. Serum prepares the skin for the cream to work deeper inside the skin but this serum instantly brights up the skin and works also anti-ageing. Make the skin more velvety, smooth and glowy. Love this product a lot. It’s soft and gently but at the same time very powerful.
The next step is an eye cream. Never ever forget to use it. Su-man eye cream is just amazing for tired eyes. Removes dark circles, eliminates puffiness.  Leaves the eyes much brighter and smoother.
On the end of our skincare regime we need to use a face cream. Su-man velvet skin moisturising cream is anti-ageing and very hydrating. Gives the skin illuminating look.

In my opinion Su-man is a really amazing skincare.  Simple and easy to use. But at the same time is very rich. Makes my skin smooth, glowy, younger, radiance, moisturising and has an anti-ageing benefits.
If you need to repair your skin or bring it to life – this products are definitely for you. You can also book a facial with Su-man. It is amazing experience for each of us. I called it the best facial in my whole life. Su-man facial is unforgettable experience which you will definitely remember for a long time.
You can book appointment at Urban Retreat in Harrods. So if you need a nice, effective skincare use Su-man and just after one use you will notice the difference.  Skin looks healthier, smoother, cleaner and more radiance. What else do you need????


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