Sometimes we look in the mirror and we think that we would love to have better lashes…  Some of us has really thin lashes, others – short and others have very damage lashes.
What can we do to make our lashes look better and fuller?
There are few ways how to do it. We can use natural way or not so natural.

Coconut oil is just perfect for lashes to grow quicker and being thicker. Try to apply coconut oil on your lashes every evening before you go to bed and leave it for whole night.
Coconut oil in general is very healthy and organic product so it will always help with moisture and grow. But unfortunately we need to wait for result. Not one or two days… we need at least a month to see the results.
Quicker trick which you can use to make your lashes look fuller, longer and healthier is loose powder! Yes! That’s right! Loose powder can help to build up the mascara on your own lashes. You use mascara on your lashes and then you add a bit of powder on your lashes and then mascara again. You can add few layers of mascara and powder but remember to start and finish with the mascara. Also try to not over do it. It doesn’t look good if you apply to much.
These are two simple ways to make your own lashes stands out. But what if we do not want to use coconut oil because we needed full lashes like NOW??? What do we supposed to do if we dont want to apply mascara with powder?
Then we supposed to use fake lashes! I know that appying them is not the easiest way but practice makes perfect and I am pretty sure that as soon as we do it once we are going to use the fake lashes every day!
You can use stripe lashes or individual one but the single lashes are a bit more difficult to apply.
I am a big fun of the Glossy Make Up lashes. Love the names: Soho, Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Urban Lashes, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Belgravia and Hyde Park. All of them look amazing. Magical eyelashes, very flexible and easy to apply. Some of them are very natural the others are more funky but you will definitely like all of them.
Remember, when applying lashes you need a good glue. Also be careful not to put glue into your eye. Use tweezers so that can help you to hold the lashes.
Mesure before applying because lashes can be to long for you so you can shorten them out with the scissors. It is nice to draw eyeliner so you have line where lashes should be allocated.
Remember also that the first time it’s not the easy time. You need to practice more to know how to do that. The most difficult is the first step, but if you do it once, the second time will be much easier.
So good luck with your lashes.



Of course all of us need a glow, radiance and sparkles not only in our life but also on our face. Glow and radiance these are two things what bring healthy look to our faces.
We feel better when our face is smooth and nice.
Strobing is the new contouring which helps to achieve that look. Strobing is a more professional name for highlighting.
In our summer collection I would love to show you my favourite highlighters which impressed me this year.
First one is LA MER highlighter which is very luxury and smooth. Looks lovely and is nice and shiny. Brings lots of sparkles to your face. Plus the packaging is just in normal. Very silver, classy and very luxury.
Another one is a beautiful summer edition from Laura Mercier. Four colours which are suitable for different skin tones so that means we can not go wrong with the variety of the shades. We have devotion, seduction, indiscretion and addiction. You can choose one or two, more pink or gold. It is really up to you.
Probably by now you are thinking how should I use it???
That is a very good question!!!
You should use it on the cheek bones, as a triangle on the forehead, top of the nose and chin. Under the post you can see the picture how to apply highlighter on your face. It is the easiest way to do that.
You can also use it as your eyeshadows to brights up the area under your eyebrows.
Remember there is no rules with the make up. You can have fun and play with all the things. You can even introduce to the word something new.
Enjoy your play!