This is actually the product which I was looking for ages….
SU-MAN rehydrating toning essence is just brilliant. The toner has green tea, rose petal, hyaluronic acid and honey. Love it so much for making my skin just amazing. It gives me moisture, plumping my skin, refreshing and preparing the skin for make up.
The toner has a lovely light tuxture which is just like a waterfall for me.
If you need some very good treatment for your skin you you should really try Su-man.
Available at Urban Retreat in Harrods and Selfridges. The price is £37.




OMG! That was the best ever facial I have ever had in my life!!!
Let’s just start from the bigining…
Recently I had a great pleasure to have a facial done. I thought that this is an amazing idea and my skin really needs it as well.
After 5 minutes from starting point I felt like in heaven. The facial was amazing! Loved every single bit of it. It was a whole body facial… face, back, neck, legs and hands. That was really good experience which is worth every single penny.
SU-MAN the name of the skincare brand. Beautiful, simple, relaxing. Loved cleansing products, face polish, toner, mask, serum, face cream and eye cream.
This lovely range contains hyaluronic acid and dragon blood extract. The ingredients which prevent ageing. My face after this facial was so soft, healthy smooth and glowy.
If you have a chance to try the products do it! You will love it.  You can notice difference almost straight away.
All the Su-man products you can find at Urban Retreat in Harrods and in Selfridges.