If you love using eyeliner this product is definitely just perfect for you! Surrat eyeliner is just amazing. Define the line and make it looking just perfect with the lovely flick.
The colour is just perfect dark black which is important when you are doing smokey eyes.
Personaly I love the tip.
Surrat eyeliner doesn’t smudge, dries very quick and lasts really long time.
The best thing is that you don’t have to buy a new eyeliner everytime because it has refill so you just need the new refill not the whole pen.
Available at Urban Retreat in Harrods and Liberty.




ORGANIC•FREE OF PARABENS & SULFATES•100% NATURAL•VEGAN•GLUTEN FREE (Took that from Rahua website, because it sounds so good).
Does it ring the bell??? Nowadays when the word is poison, when most meat is on hormones and antibiotics and most of the products is toxic is nice to find something organic and luxury at the same time.
I had a pleasure to try the Voluminous Spray on my hair. This product is 100% natural. Just brilliant for your hair.
You use it on wet hair and then starting your blow and dry. Your hair has much more wolume and it looks beautiful.
So if you have a party, wedding or you just going out it is worth of trying.
Rahua products you can find at Urban Retreat in Harrods on the fifth floor.



That was definitely an amazing experience with Aerin event at Urban Retreat in Harrods. There were flowers, make up, perfumes all around and happy clients.  Aerin collection of perfumes is lovely. Especially if today is national perfume day. So every women should treat herself with the beautiful bottle of her dream perfumes.
Aerin is Estee Lauder’s granddaughter. Her collection of perfumes is very flowery, fresh, soft and sophisticated.
You will definitely find something for summer and winter time and also for day or evening.
The collection has got also body creams which mixed with the perfumes makes the scent last two times longer.
So please buying the bottle of fragrance do not forget to add a body cream or lotion.
I am pretty sure that everyone will find something nice from Aerin. Lip balms are amazing and very moisturising. Little sets of make up will make busy women’s life much easier.
So come and have a look… have a smell actually…