Most of us know what’s the primer is. Whatever is face primer or eye primer. At least 50% of us use it all the time.
Today I would like to pay a bit more attention on smash box lid primer.
During the festive season we need a good, long lasting make up which will stay whole night long. But let’s start from beginning. 
What’s the benefits of using primer?
1) Make eyeshadows last longer
2) Prevent from greasing
3) The colours are much more intense
These are three the most important benefits. Thanks to eye primer we are sure that eyeshadows will stay long and in the right place and the colours will be more intense.
Have a look at the picture. On top of my hand you can see eyeshadows without primer and on the bottom I use the primer.
So if you would like to be sure that all is right remember to use primers. Few weeks ago I wrote few words about smash box face primers. Have a look at them and decided which one is right for you.



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