Juicy, lovely lips is what most of the women would like to have. Big range of lipsticks on the market doesn’t really help us to make the right choice.
I can only help by giving you advice how to do lovely lips step by step and what kind of products to use.
All the products I have used were from Hourglass one of my favourite luxury brand.
As a start you need to clean your lips. Use lip balm, vaseline or lip oil to give moisture to your lips. I have chosen Lip Oil from Hourglass which is full of vitamins and essential oils.
Blotted with tissues and use lip liner all over to make a perfect shape and prevent lipstick from “bleeding”. In my case it was Eden lip liner.
Our next step is lipstick application usually with the brush. Using the brush makes lips always look more even and smoother. I have chosen Peace lipstick. Beautiful nude colour which brings out natural colour of yours (or in that case) mine lips.
As a final touch I have used Verse gloss which makes my lips shiny and juicy.
I attached the picture of the lips before and after and all the products which I needed to do the look.
Wish you good luck with trying!



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