I know that the most of you love colouring your nails. Definitely proper manicure looks great and sexy. I used to use a red colour a lot on my nails but few months ago I decided to change for something a bit more soft. I went to the nail shop to do shellac but unfortunately it was a huge mistake because my nails were disaster. I have no idea what they use on me but it lasted me only a week and the colour become similar to the spider Web.
Well but that’s not the point hihi. Angry and disappointed I went to buy a nail polish to do my normal manicure. I decided that this time I go for some pastel pinkish colour. Essie was my choice and the name of the nail polish was figi. Love it to the bits. Essie is long lasting varnish, looks amazing and the aplication is so quick and easy. You don’t wait ages to get dry and I just can not stop using it.
Highly recommend this product to all of you.
Price – hmmm different in different places. So have a good look around.




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