Smashbox is the name of the photographic studio in Los Angeles but also this studio invented make up and used the same name. The range of the make up is especially prepared for taking the pictures but also it can be used for your everyday use.
Probably everyone heard about their amazing primers for different skin types.
– Light
– Hydrating
– Blemish control
– Luminazing
– Oil free
– Colour correcting
– Pore minimazer
– Dark spot corrector
You can use just one or you can mix them together. For example – if you have dark spots on your nose you can use dark spot corrector there. The rest of your skin is very dry so you can use hydrating primer.
Definitely you are going enjoy them a lot.
Remember not to use to much it is not the best idea because that way you can destroy your beautiful make up.

I love contouring pencils a lot. Easy to use and the colours are just amazing. You just need to blend them really really well.
I think the winer is primer water which you can use in three different ways.
1) as a primer
2) as a setting spray (after the make up)
3) mix it with powder eyeshadows to make them creamy
And… actually is 4 ways hehe
4) to refresh your make up during the day
This is absolutely brilliant idea and absolutely amazing product. It will definitely become one of my favourites.

So feel free to have a little look at this products. They might be usefull in your make up kit if you are a professional make up artist but also for your personal use. Remember to try them on your skin before buying. That way you will be sure which product is good for you. Remember Pore minimazing primer is not good for dry skin…



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