Probably you have noticed that your skin is becoming dryer during the winter time. First of all try to drink more water. That can really help. Secondly you need to find a proper skin care for yourself. I have chosen Hydra Life Sorbet cream from Dior. It is an absolutely lovely product which really helps with dryness. You can use it straight away under your make up as well. It makes the skin looking healthier. Easy to use. I would recommended it to teenagers as well because it is very light in tuxture and absorbing quickly.
To boost the benefits of the cream you can use Hydra Life serum which even plumps the skin and gets deeper inside the skin than cream.
It is nice to try both of the products. Together they do much more and thanks to them you will not feel the dryness anymore.
Price range £45 for cream and £52 for serum.



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