It is not an easy subject to talk about brushes.some people think the real hair brushes are the best. The others prefer synthetic one.
Personally I like brushes which are soft and gentle when you touch them. I have my favourite of course.
I love Hourglass brushes. They are made from the highest quality synthetic so they are so soft and nice. When you touch them you think it is a real hair. You can use them to apply your liquid foundation, powder, blusher and bronzer. This brushes do not soak in foundation because they are made from the synthetic material. Thanks to that you are able to use powder products later on.
With the real hair brushes is a bit more difficult. They are much more softer and gentle. Surrat the Japanese brand has a beautiful brushes made from Blue squirrel hair. The vegetarian people might be not really happy about it. You need to be careful as well not be allergic to this type of hair.
One of my friend said that the brushes were orgasmic when you touch them. And this is absolutely true. Amazing products and high quality hair. Everyone should at least have a little look at them. Price is a killer. For the powder brush you need to pay £168.
On the end i just would like to mention that you should clean your brushes. You can use the special brush cleanser or wash them in shampoo and conditioner like you wash your hair. Leave them flat for night time so the brushes will be dry and ready to use on the next day.




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