Ohhhh this little beauties are in my hands!!! Lightening powder and blusher from Hourglass. Ohhhh they are just amazing…

But before I start to write about products I need to make sure that you all know the brand and where to find it if you want that little toys.

Hourglass is luxury brand from California but it’s exclusive in Harrods, Liberty and Space NK in London. As far as I know London is the only place in Europe to have it. Products in general are amazing. Very good quality, easy to use. Something orginal. In The future I will definetly introduce you to more of them.

Today I would like to present you an amazing Lightening Powder in ETHEREAL LIGHT which actually is for everyone who wears powder but also for everyone who doesn’t. Looks like shimmer when you try it on your hand but on the face gives you really lovely matt and flawes finish. Personaly I don’t use powder but this one is absolutely perfect.

Another product is Lightening Blush in DIFFUSED HEAT. Such a lovely tuxture and looks beautiful on cheeks. Hourglass has 5 different colours to choose. Really lovely products. You will definitely love it! Come and visit Hourglass and have a play with all the range of the products. Enjoy!!!



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