Most of the men don’t really care about their face. They don’t use anything else except soap or shaving foam. That is a really big mistake. I know that cream for face for man sounds strange but there is nothing to be ashamed. Everyone is getting older so men and women should take a really good care of their faces.
Thinking about men’s skin care regime I can only say Dior and Kiehls. This two brands are the best on the market. Products are really good and make the job properly.
My favourite is hydrating emultion from Dior. This face cream is very moisturising and really light. Something amazing for beginners. It leaves the skin fresh and looking healthy. It also repairs which is very important for men after shaving.
For the eyes is a lovely eye cream which reduces signs of tiredness and eliminates line and dark circles under the eyes which is a very common thing for men.
So getelmen don’t be ashamed to use your skin care. You can get so much benefits for just 3 minutes of your daily time. 





To be honest with you I have never liked dry shampoo idea. Always thought that this thing looks disgusting on hair so I was avoing it to use it.
Recently my work situation changed and I have to look really good without even a bit of greasy hair. So I went to Boots and bought a bottle of the dry shampoo.
I have tried it and it happened to be actually really amazing. I spray the roots and massage shampoo with my hands. Guess what??? My hair was amazing, almost like after washing!!!
You can style your hair as much as you want and is going to look beautiful.
Remember to be careful if you have dark hair, because dry shampoo has powdery tuxture which might leave white mist on your hair. So try to spray it from 30 cm distance.


Ohhhh this little beauties are in my hands!!! Lightening powder and blusher from Hourglass. Ohhhh they are just amazing…

But before I start to write about products I need to make sure that you all know the brand and where to find it if you want that little toys.

Hourglass is luxury brand from California but it’s exclusive in Harrods, Liberty and Space NK in London. As far as I know London is the only place in Europe to have it. Products in general are amazing. Very good quality, easy to use. Something orginal. In The future I will definetly introduce you to more of them.

Today I would like to present you an amazing Lightening Powder in ETHEREAL LIGHT which actually is for everyone who wears powder but also for everyone who doesn’t. Looks like shimmer when you try it on your hand but on the face gives you really lovely matt and flawes finish. Personaly I don’t use powder but this one is absolutely perfect.

Another product is Lightening Blush in DIFFUSED HEAT. Such a lovely tuxture and looks beautiful on cheeks. Hourglass has 5 different colours to choose. Really lovely products. You will definitely love it! Come and visit Hourglass and have a play with all the range of the products. Enjoy!!!



What do you think about using a mask? Is this a good idea for your skin? I have done a little research around my friends and family. 5 out of 10 people love to have their mask on once a week. 2 of them prepare mask by themselves from homemade ingredients. 5 out of 10 don’t really use any mask. They either don’t have a time or simply don’t like it.

I think it’s nice to use something nice on our face to make it look fresher and even younger.

Few weeks ago I have received an amazing mask from Sisley. It’s called black rose mask. I have tried it and I could see difference on my face on the next day. It smooths, brights up and refresh the face.

The mask is just beautiful. I use it 2 times a week as a night cream and next day in the morning I clean my face with toner or just rose water. Probably for some of you it is a strange way to use it. Some of you put the mask on for 20 minutes and remove it with cotton pad and warm water. That is a good idea as well but the black rose mask looks like a cream so to double the benefits I leave it for the night.

wpid-wp-1436109935768.jpegWorth trying. Price is a killer but Sisley skin care is one of the best on the market.


I know that I haven’t been here for few weeks but changing job, my little daughter accident and finally holidays took my time away.
During this time I have prepared few post and they only waiting to be rewrite. I need to prepare pictures as well and they will be upload here on evelinebeautylife website.
Hopefully tonight you will have something to read.
Enjoy your Sunday. Xxx