Few months ago one of my best friends brought me a very lovely gift. It was Adore Hand And Body Lotion. I was really excited about new thing but didn’t know anything about brand.

Adore Cosmetics are based on organic extracts, which are specialise in anti ageing process. You can find this brand on 6 different continents. It happens that Adore Cosmetics is in Westfield UK. The shop looks expensive, beautiful packaging, lovely smell… Ohhh I am dreaming right now about spa treatment with this products….

Anyway, come back to this post I would like to tell you guys that this thing is lovely. It has light texture, quickly absorbing and very easy to use. The Lotion makes your skin soft and silky. The smell is a bit to strong but you can get used to orange blossom scent very quickly.

The only think which I don’t really like is the packaging. During opening, the lotion coming out without squishing the tube. This is  very annoying when you waste some of the beautiful lotion.

In general I really enjoy using it. It is one of the best body lotions I have ever had.

2015-05-25 21.04.15


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