Recently I have noticed little lip eggs around. Couldn’t find it in London (guilty enough to say that I haven’t really had a good look around) I asked my friend to buy one for me in Sephora. I don’t really know if you ever heard about Sephora??? Well, it is a luxury shop with make up, perfumes, hair colours. I know that it used to be in England long time ago but unfortunately it’s been closed down :(. Sephora is a part of LVMH. Thanks Goodness we can still find it in Spain, Canada, USA, Poland and Singapore. I have also noticed that American website of Sephora offers delivery to UK. Just go and you can do your lovely shopping 😉

Well, lets come back to this little Kiss Me Egg. So, finally I got it! Looks – beautiful, taste – tasty and it’s hydrating. I am not going to tell you ”you have to have it!”. Actually you don’t have to have it because I treat mine as the next gadget to my make up bag.

Sephora provides 5 different colours of the Kiss Me Egg. I have light pink. I really like it and using it with pleasure. Unfortunately doesn’t last long on my lips and I don’t know if it’s me and my ability to ”eat” lipsticks or it’s actual product, which disappears within one hour.

If some of you have Sephora not far away from home you can pop in and try it on your own lips :*

2015-05-21 20.35.15

This are my lips with the KISS ME EGG

2015-05-21 20.39.00

And this is an actual lippy thing.


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