Cold sore (Hepes simplex virus) is a very common blister which appears on or around your lips. It’s starts with tingling or itching symptoms around your lips. Then very quickly small or big fluid-filled sores appear.

Personally for me it was the nightmare of my life. It was painful and annoying. I have been very much struggling because of cold sore especially after my pregnancy. That was the time when my immune system was really weak and my life was double stressful than in normal circumstances. I exactly remember when one of the cold sore almost disappeared but at the same time the other started to appeared 😦

I was really fed up of all the special creams which I found in pharmacy and tablets from doctor.

One day a person who I met told me something about Tee Tree Oil which is the best killer for the cold sore. I decided, I had nothing to loose! It might only help! Next day I tried this magical thing and you know what??? IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

If you use it on the lips when it starts itching the cold sore doesn’t have the smallest chance to even grow. When you miss that part – don’t panic – it still helps quickly healed the painful bubbles, making them dry and disappearing.

This is something what each of us supposed to have in her handbag just in case we feel this terrible thing is awaking.

Price range: around £5.00

2015-05-03 15.05.11


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