It is true that you can’t hide ageing on some parts of your body like neck or hands. That is so true!!! It is good to use a proper hand cream. I like three and each of them is one of my favourite.

First one is Capture Totale from Dior. Anti-ageing hand cream which helps with lines and ageing spots on the hands. Quickly absorbing, easy to use and making the skin nice and soft.

Price range: £43.00 in Dior.

The second one on my list is Decleor hand cream. It is very nourishing and soothing. This one has got an amazing smell of essential oils. It is so much relaxing!

Price range: £12.00 in House of Fraser.

The third one and I think the simplest one is Garnier hand repair. I love the feeling of the skin after using it. It is very smooth and very silky. It is also anti-ageing and very moisturising. LOVE IT!!!

The price is a bargain as well £3.99 in Boots.

2015-05-03 15.00.19 (1)


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