Few months ago one of my best friends brought me a very lovely gift. It was Adore Hand And Body Lotion. I was really excited about new thing but didn’t know anything about brand.

Adore Cosmetics are based on organic extracts, which are specialise in anti ageing process. You can find this brand on 6 different continents. It happens that Adore Cosmetics is in Westfield UK. The shop looks expensive, beautiful packaging, lovely smell… Ohhh I am dreaming right now about spa treatment with this products….

Anyway, come back to this post I would like to tell you guys that this thing is lovely. It has light texture, quickly absorbing and very easy to use. The Lotion makes your skin soft and silky. The smell is a bit to strong but you can get used to orange blossom scent very quickly.

The only think which I don’t really like is the packaging. During opening, the lotion coming out without squishing the tube. This is  very annoying when you waste some of the beautiful lotion.

In general I really enjoy using it. It is one of the best body lotions I have ever had.

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It is not an easy thing to find the right eye make up remover. Some of them are good quality but a bit too greasy. Others don’t remove the waterproof mascara or make eyes watery.

Everybody has different eyes. Some of the people have really sensitive, others very watery or perfectly fine.

Today, I don’t have any suggestion what to choose (probably you are very surprise right now). With your eyes is always better to try products by yourself. Do not listen to your friends saying ”This is amazing.” or ”It is good for you.” They do not know that!!! They can not warranty it to you.

The best solution is to ask for sample. If the company doesn’t have it ask beauty consultant to try it on you. That way you can check straight away how is it work because the reaction on the eyes appears the quickest.

I was lucky enough to find my favourite product for removing my eye make up. It took me a while to find it. During my exploring I found out what I didn’t like in some of them.

1) Lancome eye make up remover —> to greasy and to expensive.

2) Dior eye make up remover —> to expensive unfortunately.

3) Vichy eye make up remover —> I have cried during application.

4) Nivea eye make up remover —> my eye were itchy and watery every time I used it.

After suffering for some time I went to Boots and bought Loreal eye make up remover for sensitive eyes. Personally for me is absolutely amazing. Very soft, refreshing and easy to use. It has got gel texture which cooling down tired and sensitive eyes.

I will not tell you it is the right product for you. I will tell you – try it and then make the decision.

Price range: £4.00

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Recently I have noticed little lip eggs around. Couldn’t find it in London (guilty enough to say that I haven’t really had a good look around) I asked my friend to buy one for me in Sephora. I don’t really know if you ever heard about Sephora??? Well, it is a luxury shop with make up, perfumes, hair colours. I know that it used to be in England long time ago but unfortunately it’s been closed down :(. Sephora is a part of LVMH. Thanks Goodness we can still find it in Spain, Canada, USA, Poland and Singapore. I have also noticed that American website of Sephora offers delivery to UK. Just go and you can do your lovely shopping 😉

Well, lets come back to this little Kiss Me Egg. So, finally I got it! Looks – beautiful, taste – tasty and it’s hydrating. I am not going to tell you ”you have to have it!”. Actually you don’t have to have it because I treat mine as the next gadget to my make up bag.

Sephora provides 5 different colours of the Kiss Me Egg. I have light pink. I really like it and using it with pleasure. Unfortunately doesn’t last long on my lips and I don’t know if it’s me and my ability to ”eat” lipsticks or it’s actual product, which disappears within one hour.

If some of you have Sephora not far away from home you can pop in and try it on your own lips :*

2015-05-21 20.35.15

This are my lips with the KISS ME EGG

2015-05-21 20.39.00

And this is an actual lippy thing.


Cold sore (Hepes simplex virus) is a very common blister which appears on or around your lips. It’s starts with tingling or itching symptoms around your lips. Then very quickly small or big fluid-filled sores appear.

Personally for me it was the nightmare of my life. It was painful and annoying. I have been very much struggling because of cold sore especially after my pregnancy. That was the time when my immune system was really weak and my life was double stressful than in normal circumstances. I exactly remember when one of the cold sore almost disappeared but at the same time the other started to appeared 😦

I was really fed up of all the special creams which I found in pharmacy and tablets from doctor.

One day a person who I met told me something about Tee Tree Oil which is the best killer for the cold sore. I decided, I had nothing to loose! It might only help! Next day I tried this magical thing and you know what??? IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

If you use it on the lips when it starts itching the cold sore doesn’t have the smallest chance to even grow. When you miss that part – don’t panic – it still helps quickly healed the painful bubbles, making them dry and disappearing.

This is something what each of us supposed to have in her handbag just in case we feel this terrible thing is awaking.

Price range: around £5.00

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It is true that you can’t hide ageing on some parts of your body like neck or hands. That is so true!!! It is good to use a proper hand cream. I like three and each of them is one of my favourite.

First one is Capture Totale from Dior. Anti-ageing hand cream which helps with lines and ageing spots on the hands. Quickly absorbing, easy to use and making the skin nice and soft.

Price range: £43.00 in Dior.

The second one on my list is Decleor hand cream. It is very nourishing and soothing. This one has got an amazing smell of essential oils. It is so much relaxing!

Price range: £12.00 in House of Fraser.

The third one and I think the simplest one is Garnier hand repair. I love the feeling of the skin after using it. It is very smooth and very silky. It is also anti-ageing and very moisturising. LOVE IT!!!

The price is a bargain as well £3.99 in Boots.

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