Summer is definitely on the way. We can’t really see it outside windows in London. To be honest I can’t even see a proper spring. But we all can see summer in all High Street. You can see lovely swimming suits, summer dresses, amazing hats and beautiful colourful bags.

I have notice summer in make up and beauty products as well.  Walking and checking what’s new I have spotted 3 amazing products.


First on is from Estee Lauder BRONZE GODDESS. Very beautiful and very limited product. It shimmers and softens the skin. You can see little sparkles which give more glow and radiant.

Price: £29.00



Another interesting product was Decleor tan activator serum. Remember to start use it 3 weeks before your holidays and during your holidays. That way you wake up melanin production and as an effect you are going to have an amazing and gold tan.

Price: £44.00



And the last product which brings my attention was new limited edition of Dior Blushers Tie Dye in two beautiful colours. Remember it’s not a bronzer!

Price: £40.00

I know that all of us have a favourite products for summer time. I have chosen only three of them. The first one is just interesting for me because every single blink blink brings women’s attention on it.

The second one is very helpful. I had always lots of trouble to tan my legs. This year I am going to use this melanin production little miracle.

And the third product is just big sympathy. I have a lots of feelings for Dior – THE BEST MAKE UP COMPANY IN THE WORLD.


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