Yeahhhh it’s here finally from 3rd of September. Its the first studio Make-Up which gives you maximum of the brightness but at the same time is very weightless.
Amazing long lasting foundation with the beautiful flawless finish.
More shades…
More SPF…
Longer lasting…

You will receive an amazing result while using a special sponge which looks like a black egg ;).  This is something what you can use instead of the brush. Doesn’t absorb foundation, easy to use, easy to wash…

You will love it!!! Definitely!!! It will be your best foundation ever.

Personally I was a huge fun of Forever foundation from Dior. I have been using it for around 4 years. I have been always saying that this is my favourite foundation and nothing can change it.
I was wrong… Women change their mind…
I used STAR and here we go… I said bye bye to Forever and started to use STAR.

Diorskin-Star-Foundation-2 Diorskin-Star-Foundation-3


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