Few months ago I tried the best foundation in the world – Capture Totale Foundation.
A sun-protecting serum foundation that helps recapture the luminous, radiant and look of youthful skin. 
Wouldn’t have recommended for young skin but from 30 years old person.
This foundation has got antiaging benefits and gives radiant and high definition perfection.
Capture Totale Foundation also supports natural collagen, nourishes, replenishes, and visibly plumps skin. It’s ideal for mature skin, dry skin, or dull skin that lacks radiance.

For me it is just amazing. Lovely coverage,  long lasting formula, radiance, glow and the most important antiaging benefits what else do we want???
What else do we need???
(Price is the killer £62) 🙂


P.S. just to let you know that in September Dior is going to launch a new amazing foundation… a Star Foundation… but I will tell you more in September. ☆☆☆


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